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About SOM

Pastor Temiloluwa Ola commenced School of Ministry on the 2nd of April, 2020 with the aim of equipping the Saints for the work of ministry and for the growth of the believer.

Now this is an opportunity for you to learn, grow and walk in confidence about God’s call upon your life.This is an opportunity for those who desire spiritual growth, clarity, and an understanding of ministry.


Are you hungry for more?
Do you desire an understanding of ministry? Do you desire the Spirit of boldness as regards God’s call upon your life?

Then you need to be in School. The courses are both Spiritual and Practical with relatable examples.

Registration closes October 10 2020.

Virtual Class runs from October 19th through November 30 2020.

What students are saying

Light is permeating through me; understanding is resting upon me. I am no longer afraid to leave all my qualifications and just do the will of the Master. I have decided to submit my selfish ambitions at his feet. I am no longer afraid of what people will say to me or think of me. I choose to respond to the greater call. I trust his perfect will for my life.
Katherine Famoti
The daily classes always leave an imprint of character modeling which informs a new way of life always. One of which is the teaching presented by Pastor Temioluwa Ola on; what the call of God is? That God has called us unto holy things pertaining to God. Hence, the things of God should be treated with a holy sense of view.
Isa Joseph Danladi
The school has really brought me enlightenment on God's call. I used to think that the call of God is not for every believer but for a selected few who have been called into ministry gifts not knowing that God's call is more than that. I learnt that the priority of God's call is intimacy with Him. This is a great charge and a peculiar shift in me. I now understand the differences among the five fold ministry particularly the difference between a Pastor and a Teacher. This has really answered a long time question on my mind.
Abiodun Alawode
Through the School of Ministry, I am beginning to walk in the consciousness of God's purpose for me. My mentality about the Call of God has taken a new turn because now I know that I actually carry God's grace for my assignment on this earth. School of Ministry has made me realize that no matter the situation I find myself, I should always treat others with respect.
Olajuwon Oluwakemi

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